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mentality: pro
min. skill: good
activity: high

**FN Clan** provides a good rust experience with many people We hope to have fun mostly but we hope everyone can be productive during wipe day We are not an intense clan so you dont need to logon and play 24/7 We are a chill clan and we are actively seeking for more people to join We will give you roles (you can decide what you want to be (farmer , pvper , builder and monument) Requirements - No raging - Be chill - Don't be annoying - Be respectful -BE ACTIVE , IF YOU CANT JOIN DUE TO SERIOUS IRL STUFF YOU CAN BE EXCUSED Game requirements -200 hour requirement,we will do a interview/tryout(if you switched from console to pc the console play time counts as well - Mic is highly recommended but if you dont have one its fine -Can communicate pretty good and be chill -Can be online for 3 hours or more (everyday) (If you cant play its okay). NOTE:If you have 800+ hours the tryout will be much easier MONUMENT/PVPER ( 4 spots) 125+ t2-t3 spray GOOD COMMS AND CALLOUTS WILLING TO WORK WITH EACH OTHER BASE BUILDERS (2 spots) NO YT BASES WILLING TO WORK WITH OTHER BUILDERS BE ON FOR WIPE TO BUILD A BASE HAVE GOOD DESIGNS THAT FIT 10-20 PEOPLE BASE ORGANIZER (3 spots) GOOD CALLOUTS AND COMMS ORGANIZE BOXES AND KEEP FURNANCES RUNNING 24/7 BE SMART AND DONT BE DUMB DETECT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY NEAR BASE ELECTRICIANS (3 SPOTS) CAN SETUP TURRETS, FARMS AND OTHER ELECTRICITY STUFF PLEASE BE ACTIVE AND IF YOUR NOT WE WILL KICK YOU OUT DM ME AND IT IS ENCOURAGED TO SHOW CLIPS AND IMAGES (ESPECIALLY FOR ELECTRICIANS AND BUILDERS)

Platform: PC
Region: North America
Language: English

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