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Cat town
(4 members)
mentality: semi-serious
min. skill: average
activity: medium

CAT TOWN EU RECRUITMENT INTERVIEW IN PROGRESS FOR WIPE (OTHER REGIONS ACCEPTED ALSO ADD ME on discord @ piggy#8190 C@ town in a new village community starting in rust we plan on playing monthly-weekly wipe vanilla servers in EU only 1-(citizen)- looking to recruit as many newer players as possible anyone with 100+hours is welcome to join the population of cat town which make up the foundation of cat town, people who enjoy farming, diving, building, roleplaying, making shops...etc if you are looking for a group you can only play with every so often this is no problem 2- Security C@ town is looking to recruit a team of security forces to secure the town and play various roles around pvp if you have 500+hours you can apply to be in the Cat town security forces, security forces will have primary access to higher tier guns first, cat town security forces must have strong morals and uphold the values of cat town 3-Sherrif ---Cat town is looking to recruit a sheriff to uphold the honour and values of cat town, this individual must have good organizational skills and diplomacy, the sheriff will be involved in all parts of cat town and have the authority to make decisions of behalf of cat town this individual should have 1000+ hours and be online frequently 4-builders and planners, cat town is recruiting builders, the role of builders will be to build cat town town halls and organise plots of land for people to live individually in the town aswell as completing requests from the sheriff and citizens, builders will also be mainly responsible for building facilities too 5- Recruiters-- Cat town is looking for a group of individuals to recruit new members of cat town both in game and on forums to keep the numbers of cat town at a normalised level ensuring there is always a group to play and uphold the values of cat town 6- organizers Cat town is looking to recruit organizers to arrange events for cat town and server wide to employ a sense of community and promote cat town values 7- council- council members are being recruited to observe and discuss the ongoings of cat town and give their opinions on how cat town could be improved 8- Cat town Staff, Cat town staff are wanted, to be cat town staff you should be a regular player of rust and willing to dedicate some time to cat town ongoings and organization, as cat town staff you will live in the cat town, town hall and watchover the development of cat town CAT TOWN IS A NEW GROUP AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!! MORE ROLES WILL BE DELLIGATED AS NECESSARY ADD ME on discord @ piggy#8190

Platform: PC
Region: Europe
Language: English

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