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mentality: semi-serious
skill: average
activity: very high

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Platforms: PC Traits: Loyal
Region: North America Last active: 28 days ago
Languages: English Joined: 176 days ago

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Game knowledge: I am proficient
Combat: I can handle myself
Construction: my constructions are solid
Communication: I excel at communicating
Tactics: I can outsmart most people with my tactics
Leadership: people seem to follow me automatically


Platforms: PC
Region: North America
Languages: English
Traits: Loyal
Last active: 28 days ago
Joined: 176 days ago

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Group Role Size Age
Cyber rust Owner 678 176 days
007 main Owner 10 164 days
Peen Owner 2 137 days
STEZ Owner 5 120 days
007 zerg Owner 15 110 days
Zerg Owner 18 109 days
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