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Live to Kill

mentality: semi-serious
min. skill: good
activity: high

About us: Live to Kill clan is an organized group of skilled Rust players, each in their own style from anywhere around the world. We are currently looking for dedicated members that can be on at least once a day. Want to join us?: Every new member will undergo a trial period that shouldn't last longer than a day. You will first apply and enter information about yourself like age, hours in rust, etc. If you meet the requirements you'll enter phase 2 of the interview. If you don't meet the requirements you will be kicked out of the Discord server. In phase 2 you'll be taken into voice chat with a higher up in the clan where you'll answer even more questions, and be taken into a combat server with one of the higher-ups; Or alternatively, if we're playing on a server you'll play with us there. If you pass this part you will become a recruit/member. Requirements: - Have 300+ hours in Rust. - Be 16 years or older. - Have no VAC/EAC ban. - Have a working microphone. - Be able to speak fluent English - Good FPS and ping on US/EU official servers. - Be able to play 4-7 days a week, and at least 3-4 hours those days. Wipe days would also be preferred that you can play on. - (Recommended, but not a requirement): Be able to buy VIP to skip queues. Join us: If you're interested then join us on Discord here:

Platform: PC Size: 1 member
Region: North America Age: 281 days
Language: English 2nd language: None
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(This group is open to new applications and allows you to join their Discord directly)


If you want to join Live to Kill you have to fit the following requirements:

  1. Must speak english
  2. Must be of the age of 16 or older
  3. Must be active

Registered members (1):

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0 Good Owner 19 days ago
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Platform: PC
Region: North America
Language: English
2nd language: None
Size: 1 member
Age: 281 days

This group is open to new applications and allows you to join their Discord directly.

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