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Freedom Fighters

mentality: relaxed
min. skill: beginner
activity: high

Noob with 800hrs in just over a month. Looking for different players to play with to expand my knowledge of tactics and builds and chill enough to allow complete builds with FULL automation without p***** off other players so we get raided before the build is complete.

Platform: PC Size: 1 member
Region: Oceania Age: 160 days
Language: English 2nd language: None
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If you want to join Freedom Fighters you have to fit the following requirements:

  1. Chill and not Toxic. In fact, a shared dislike of Toxic, annoying foul mouthed players. (They will be our targets) 18+ at least.
  2. Hours not a concern, we will help each other learn if need be. Experienced players need to be patient with the less experienced players.
  3. Single Account users only. Multiple Discord or Steam account users will not be accepted. 1 week waiting time to join. If you change your discord/steam in that time you will not be added

Registered members (1):

User Contact Rep Skill Role Last active
0 Beginner Owner 79 days ago
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Platform: PC
Region: Oceania
Language: English
2nd language: None
Size: 1 member
Age: 160 days

This group is open to new applications.

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