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mentality: semi-serious
min. skill: average
activity: medium

we are a new clan looking for members if u join discord u will be put into our group discord

Platform: PC Size: 19 members
Region: Europe Age: 46 days
Language: English 2nd language: English
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(This group is open to new applications and allows you to join their Discord directly)


If you want to join NM you have to fit the following requirements:

  1. General requirements: Be active Clear comms when needed Mature Age: 16+ (exceptions if you are mature). Good microphone Don't have an ego
  2. MONUMENT Hours: 1.5k+ 115m AK + 80 T2
  3. PVPER Hours: 2K 125m AK + 100 T2
  4. BUILDER Have 1.5k+ hours NO Youtube bases. Help Co build when needed Finish base before you log off. The base has to be fairly large depending on all the people expected to play. 100m AK + 75m T2
  5. ELECTRICIAN 1k hours Setup all turrets and industrial. Be on for wipe. Finish all electricity as fast as possible.
  6. BASE TEAM 500 hours You have to organize all boxes. 50m AK + T2 spray Craft guns, kits, ammo, rockets, meds, etc.
  7. FARMERS 400 hours+ 75m AK + 50m T2 Farm when needed or ask. Goes on raid when base and farming is done
  8. Everyone goes on raids. Everyone must farm at the beginning of wipe.
  9. Make sure to include ur id with u discord Eg pablo#1234

Registered members (1):

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NMDARK - 0 Good Owner 9 days ago
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Platform: PC
Region: Europe
Language: English
2nd language: English
Size: 19 members
Age: 46 days

This group is open to new applications and allows you to join their Discord directly.

Apply now!
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