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mentality: serious
min. skill: good
activity: high

XN Recruitment: We're seeking competitive clan members that understands the concept of clan cores and is experienced in multiple areas. We play on AndysolAM Main 10X EU. We are serious when it comes to building, raiding etc, but there is also loads of time for fun, exploring and trolling. Feel free to ask any questions! Please message me if you are interested.

Platform: PC Size: 3 members
Region: Europe Age: 186 days
Language: English 2nd language: None
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If you want to join XN you have to fit the following requirements:

  1. ------- Main Requirements -------
  2. 15+ Years old
  3. 1k+ Hours of Experience
  4. Active & Team-Focused
  5. Fully active on Wipeday
  6. Toxic is allowed
  7. ------- PVP Requirements -------
  8. 75m+ AK Spray
  9. Clear Callouts
  10. Common Gamesense
  11. Oilrig Knowledge
  12. ------- Raid Requirements -------
  13. Be able to keep an eye
  14. Stay in your position
  15. No rushing for loot
  16. Help finding bases
  17. ------- Build Requirements -------
  18. Must be able to help when needed
  19. Electricity Knowledge
  20. ------- Farming Requirements -------
  21. Must be able to farm first day of wipe
  22. Must know keycard routes

Registered members (1):

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0 Good Owner 100+ days ago
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Platform: PC
Region: Europe
Language: English
2nd language: None
Size: 3 members
Age: 186 days

This group is open to new applications.

Apply now!