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Smack Shack

mentality: semi-serious
min. skill: good
activity: medium

We are a medium group that plays Rust Official - this is a 25+ age group. Any skill is welcome. All new members will be screened before you are allowed to play in-game. This is to keep the team safe from any mass bans. You will be required to provide your steam profile link, and to make your profile public during the check. If things get suspicious, we may politely ask you to go on a secure website, where your computer will be scanned for any sign of malicious software. DO NOT give us your steam profile link as your contact method. That is a waste of your time. We use Discord so give us your proper ID (CaseMatcH#0000) when filling out the application.

Platform: PC Size: 9 members
Region: North America Age: 290 days
Language: English 2nd language: None
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(This group is open to new applications)


If you want to join Smack Shack you have to fit the following requirements:

  1. General Requirements - Speaks and understands English clearly - BASE WORK IS TOP PRIORITY - No Kids - No egos - Listen to main team - Have patience - Good game sense wanted - Aged 25+.
  2. PVP / Monument Team - 2k hours or skill shown - All round players - Your job is to shoot things and loot monuments.
  3. Build Team - Your job is to learn the base and assist building when needed.
  4. Farm Team - Collect what is needed to support the team and base during early wipe. Defend the base location and builders with your life. Fastest way on team.
  5. Join up and show us what you have to offer!

Registered members (3):

User Contact Rep Skill Role Last active
r0flc0pterz - +1 Good Admin 27 days ago
+2 Average Owner 6 days ago
glasseye. - +1 Average Moderator 10 days ago
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Platform: PC
Region: North America
Language: English
2nd language: None
Size: 9 members
Age: 290 days

This group is open to new applications.

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