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mentality: semi-serious
min. skill: good
activity: high

We are 2 people that play pretty much every day. We are looking for people that are skilled and humble. Need to be able to gun and farm. You can also expect all the above from us. For more questions you are more than welcome to reach out to me!

Platform: PC Size: 2 members
Region: Europe Age: 16 days
Language: English 2nd language: None
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If you want to join 777 you have to fit the following requirements:

  1. We dont rly care about hours but you should have a good knowledge and understanding of the game. Be able to play in a group together and not just do solo stuff. We are trying to take a very tactical approach to make the best outcome of every situation.

Registered members (1):

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User - 0 Unknown Owner 16 days ago
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Platform: PC
Region: Europe
Language: English
2nd language: None
Size: 2 members
Age: 16 days

This group is open to new applications.

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